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Your rehabilitation and treatment plan are tailored personally for you after a thorough analysis of your condition and aspiring lifestyle.

Comprehensive Care

We constantly monitor your progress and take feedback so as to provide you a complete and comprehensive care.

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Our equipment and clinic are state of the art and very well designed to give you utmost comfort during your sessions.

Licensed Therapists

Your treatment will only be performed by qualified and licensed therapists.


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Plan to be 15 minutes early to complete any relevant paperwork . After registration you will be taken to a treatment room You will be seen for the initial evaluation by the therapist. Your medical history and problems will be analysed followed by a physical examination. A plan will be the outcome.

Doctors Referral, Your CareCard, benefits number (if applicable) and your payment information. If you are covered by Workers’ Compensation, bring your claim number and your case manager’s contact information. If your insurance company requires the clinic and/or the therapist to fill out some information, bring along the insurance form.

Therapy is direct access, meaning that in the majority of cases you need not have a referral. For ICBC, you will have to have a Doctor’s referral. Note that some extended health benefit plan insurance companies still require a doctor’s referral for reimbursement of therapy treatments.

Our clinics offers flexible scheduling. We offer 7 days a week, and late evenings. We will work around your schedule to get the earliest appointment available. Contact us immediately.


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BC Association of Kinesiologists
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