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Acupuncture stems from ancient Chinese medicine. The general theory of acupuncture is based on the premise that there are patterns of energy flow (Qi) through the body that are essential for health. Disruptions of this flow are believed to be responsible for disease. Acupuncture may, it has been theorised, correct imbalances of flow at identifiable points close to the skin. Acupuncture is very safe and effective alternative to medication and, in some cases, surgery. Acupuncture stimulates the release of endorphins through the insertion of needles into specific anatomical points which encourages natural healing.

Therapeutic effects include:

  • Pain relief
  • Reduced inflammation
  • Increased energy
  • Improved mood
  • Improved body function and more

Acupuncture Needles are left in place for 10 to 25 minutes during which time the Physiotherapist may manipulate the needles in order to strengthen the muscle.

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