Ruby Tiwana

Massage Therapist
Ruby Tiwana earned her Diploma in Massage Therapy, graduating at the top of her class in June, 2017. She had the privilege of being taught by some of the industry leading experts and renown practitioners. Ruby is excited to combine the knowledge she has gained with her strong desire to help people heal and understand the importance of a healthy body. Since she has begun practicing, Ruby has seen and treated an extensive number of soft tissues injuries, with particular success in treatment of whiplash related injuries. She has come to understand how difficult it can be to regain mobility and quality of life after such events. Her rehabilitation techniques include incorporating relaxation, manual therapy, modalities, and home care instructions for your specific needs. Her approach is to address each individuals’ injuries with personalized care and consideration to ensure your return to daily activity, recreational exercise or sports. She offers a focused and detailed biomechanical assessment, including movement assessment, postural assessment and various orthopedic tests. Whether the goal is rehabilitation or maintenance, Ruby takes great joy and pride in working with patients towards successful improvement of their quality of life. Ruby will always be seen addressing her patients with kindness and compassion. Outside of the clinical setting, Ruby can be seen playing recreational sports such as softball, football and soccer. She enjoys going to the gym, being outdoors, and spending time with loved ones.

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