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Sports Therapy and Rehabilitation

Sports Physiotherapy is a specialised branch of physiotherapy which focuses on issues related to Athletes. Athletic injuries differ from everyday injuries because athletes require high-level performance and demands from their body which causes lots of stress on different muscles, joints, and bones. We at Synergy Rehab provide athletes relief of injury and also focus on pre-injury rehab to prevent future injuries to occur. For an athlete, physiotherapy is a crucial element in regaining lost function. Often, pain substantially limits motion in the affected joints. Our highly trained professionals at Synergy Rehab have helped many elite athletes get back to their sport at very fast rates.

Youth Sports Therapy

Our team at Synergy Rehab have a tremendous amount of experience in dealing with many youth sports related injuries. We implement personalised programs that enable youth sports athletes to return to sport as quickly as possible. We also educate in the skills and techniques to enhance overall performance and prevent future injury. Don’t let your child be sidelined from his or her sport, call us today to help with their recovery.

Our Approach:

  • Utilise sports/exercise principles to optimise performance, preparation and injury prevention programmes
  • Provide the immediate care of injuries and basic life support in a recreational, training & competitive environment
  • Assess, treat and, where appropriate, refer on for specialist advice and intervention.
  • Provide appropriate sport and remedial massage in a sport & exercise context
  • plan and implement appropriate rehabilitation programmes


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